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Upcoming Projects

Create real life and digital experiences that allow us to leverage NFTs as a method to engage, collaborate and world-build; a forum and marketplace where artists and creatives can meet andgenerate forms of storytelling that audiences can engage with.


The core team are early crypto adopters, with decades long experience in TV / Film, behind iconic brands including John Wick, Hereditary, Split and Glass.

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Raj Singh

Management team/control owners of NL, and seasoned screenwriter/producer duo

Kevin Scott Frakes

Founder of Palmstar & producer on over 50 films.

Harsharn Singh
Web3 Advisor



DeFI Product Manager & Fintech Operations. Bitcoin class of 2016.

Mike Weschler

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, SNL, MTV.

James Fink

Marketing and Partnerships at NL NFT. 20 years of Media/Brand partnerships (Coke, Girl Scouts, Dodgers). NFT collaborations/launches for a Banksy piece, SpaceX, and Shepard Fairey.

Craig Greiwe

Former Chief Transformation Officer of Rogers & Cowan. Product launches andmarketing campaigns for Verizon, Facebook, and several film studios.

Sayid Kaddage

Experienced moderator and previous Galaxy Eggs Senior Team member.

Only the Beginning.

Host Events

Mills Entertainment Tour in Q4, IRL/Metaverse Comedy Shows, Viewing Parties, MasterClass, Spaces, Marty Moose Night for 3 lucky winners, engage community with locally hosted events in NYC/Philly/LA/Minneapolis

Presale access to future NFTs tied to active projects

Airdrops that build, expand and customize the community, access to events like an upcoming live comedy tour, backstage passes, swag tied to drops and in-between drops

Creative / Fan Opportunities

Walk on roles, opportunities to write and create, access to early content, sneak peeks and pre-release viewing access, governance to vote on scenes for series, shows, have some say in the creative, offer votes to renew projects or prioritize production schedule, the Poison Pill community may have exclusive agent benefits...

The Vision

Web3 can be a creator and fan playground

Both cohorts want it, and want to be able to communicate with one another. We believe in a future where comics and fans can congregate at a place ,where freedom of speech is properly protected.


Build the largest decentralized transmedia satire brand for the metaverse: permissionless,censor-less, and community driven. Lean into the satire and irreverence of our history, free from therisk of “cancel culture” that exists in Web2 and traditional media. The current owners of NationalLampoon produced the original John Wick and the highly acclaimed horror film Hereditary. ThePoison Pill offers the opportunity to truly redefine, and bend the comedy genre in directions neverseen before like with those properties.

Adult swim meets Reddit meets web3 in 2022

The metaverse provides a brand-new medium for storytelling, innovative content creation, and a wayfor us to continuously engage with fans across the globe. Web3 enables users to be unique andcreative, crafting their anonymous online identities free of judgment and repercussion - while ondecentralized rails - cancel and censorship resistant.

Why an NFT?

We are massive believers in the practical function of Web3 as a place where niche and generalinterest communities can congregate in a meaningful and interactive way. Take the best aspects of:sticky brands like Crunchyroll, the choice of content available on YouTube and mobile gaming apps,the network effects observed on social media platforms, and the engagement of Redditcommunities–that can all exist within the confines of one brand/token if handled with care. The PoisonPill offers fans and creatives access to the brand, content, events, partners and exclusive items thatonly holders will get. These holders will become our foundation in the Web3 space, guiding theevolution of the brand in the metaverse.

The Name

With the Poison Pill, our initial NFT, National Lampoon will carve out its place in metaverse, and bring the ethos and bold, renegade nature of the brand and its creators to Web3. “Poison Pill” as a name has layered significance as it relates to society. When the pill is taken, it offers clarity of experience – seeing life for what it is – not what others think it should be. To be truly awakened is to understand this, rather than to impress a set of limiting ideals around perception, free speech and idea sharing because of herd mentality, egos are offended, or even worse, fear of being canceled. The poison aspect is meant to be tongue-in-cheek – but suggests a daring proposal –would you take a poison pill to be awakened?